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Who are we

The British Hindu Report (“BHR”) seeks to use the results from a nationwide survey to be completed anonymously by Hindus to obtain a snapshot of the requirements, perspectives and priorities of the Hindu population living in the United Kingdom

The aim will be to publish the BHR on an annual basis to provide a continual stream of data about the Hindu population of the United Kingdom. It is intended that the snapshot of data which is presented within the BHR, will be provided to a variety of institutions (including but not limited to) Local and Central Governmental Bodies, the National Health Service, private, charitable and not-for-profit organisations. The BHR will then be used as a statistical guide to assist in the creation of policies, initiatives and funding which is relevant and targeted to the needs of the Hindu population. It is believed that the wider the participation in completing the survey, the greater the accuracy of the BHR. Consequently, we very much hope the survey is completed and shared among relatives and friends.

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